Sunday, October 4, 2015

10 Weeks Left

You've seen this dress before - here. I hesitated this time as it ventures into tent territory, but it's so
comfortable and breezy. I look forward to pool days in this dress, or pairing it with flats when it's the only thing that fits. I bet the day will come. Already I have too many people stop and say "any day now huh?". Big LOL. Try ten weeks!

30 Weeks went by very quickly. Where has the year gone? Stores are filling up with Christmas treats, and soon the trees will be up. We always skip Spring and head right into the festive season; it's quite ridiculous. I'm only half complaining because I'm really excited about December. But then I'll want to freeze time - for the smell of newborn and those tiny hands and feet. Oh but first, baby needs a name...

Mr P Dress & Sunnies; Zara Shoes; Gifted Bag & Cuff; Mrs Rogero Beads (shop here)

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