Sunday, September 13, 2015


At 27 weeks (eek! third trimester!), I'm huge. I know I've been saying this since the bump showed up, but this time it really is huge. I should give up on pants altogether now because any kind of pants is uncomfortable by midday.

I had a surprising reoccurrence of morning sickness this week - which lasted all day as my morning sickness typically did this time around. I had to skip lunch, and it was slap chips! You know it's bad if I have to pass on slap chips guys. I love take aways, and this pregnancy has me wanting it just a little more than usual. Especially a good burger. I don't know how this became about food, but I'm going to stop now.

Let's talk about this pretty dress instead. I don't know that it will fit the next time I take a chance, but it's so great for a big belly. Belly aside, my favourite part is the neckline. It's so pretty. So are the tulips. Since Spring hit, everyone's been posting pictures of tulips so here's my contribution - a lady dress that has me feeling especially fancy. And when you're feeling fancy, you wear pearls.

Xogo Dress; Zara Shoes & Bag from 32 Clothing; Zara Sunnies


  1. That dress is beautiful! And the bag and shoes go perfectly with it!

  2. Think this must be my favourite look ever. Love how you put it all together.


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