Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Striped Dress

I know I've been saying this about practically everything that fits these days, but I love this dress. I've worn it so many times since I got it; it's surprising that I haven't yet blogged it. I love stripes - and a navy stripe is my favourite kind. I layered a lightweight kimono for a pop of colour (and pregnant bum coverage!).

On the pregnancy front, here's an update in numbers:
Our scan two weeks ago showed baby's weight is 1,2kg. So, bigger now.
13kg's - My total weight gain so far.
10,5 weeks left until baby!
Amount of maternity clothing items purchased - zero. I returned the maternity skinny jeans I got from Mr P because it was too big.

Generally, I have no crazy pregnancy issues. Night time comes with lots of back ache and toilet runs. Tying my shoes and painting my toenails is a little tricky. But no big bad ugly pregnancy stories. It's been really hot, but I don't have swollen feet. I went through my first pregnancy without any swelling so I'm hoping for the same.

This time around, I've had less awkward experiences - probably because I'm out and about less. There was this one time though, a week or two ago... I fell. One minute I was casually strutting through the mall (mall!), the next I slipped and landed on both knees. Lucky these knees cushioned my fall. It didn't take a second for two nice people help me up. You can bet I disappeared quickly. And did I tell you about the time I threw up on the side of the road, twice, and in a parking lot - in. one. day? Sheesh, that was a bad day. Thank God that's behind me! Well, let's hope.

Jet Dress; Fashion Express Kimono; Zara Shoes; 32 Clothing Bag; YDE Sunnies; Mrs Rogero Beads (purchase here)


  1. Pregnancy goals! Well, everything except the fall and the puke. Lol! Hot mamma and oh so stylish! Have you had the dress for a long time. Think it's still available?

  2. This colour combination!! Love.

    Looking beautiful :) xx


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