Thursday, August 13, 2015

5 Ways to Find Your Personal Style

The thing I love most about being an image consultant is helping people build their personal style. In
fact, it's the very essence of the job. It's an idea I love because your personality steers your image and it really becomes your visual fingerprint - and that sets you apart.

But how do you build a personal style? It's a work in progress, and one-on-one consultations with a good image consultant covers absolutely everything but you'll probably always be experimenting and learning as you go. Here are a few easy ways that may help you find your personal style:

1. Trend Carefully
Don't buy into every trend. Be selective about the trends you wear - choose what truly works for you, and choose sparingly to keep your wardrobe updated.

2. Signature Style
You probably have favourites that you're known for - whether it be a signature hairstyle you keep returning to, a beauty signature like a bold lip, or just a favourite piece of clothing like a biker jacket or white shirt. Maybe you're a jeans and tee kinda girl? Repetition creates a signature style. Most style icons have a very specific style they're known for. Just determine what you really like and repeat.

3. Wear what works
My friend Verna loves this phrase and it makes so much sense. Learn what flatters your body - what flatters you will probably be what you're most comfortable and confident in too. Learn to love the body you're in by emphasising what you love and celebrate who you are. One size does not fit all, so be selective and wear what works and what you genuinely love.

4. Wear your colour
Learn what colours suit you best and wear those. Your best colours will brighten up your face. You may not want to get rid or those not-so-flattering colours just yet so make it work by adding a simple accessory like a scarf in your best colour or pay special attention to your makeup. The key is to wear your best colours close to your face. Neon not your colour but you're keen on trying it anyway? Get a neon bag or pair of shoes!

5. Be Inspired
Finally, get inspiration from magazines, your favourite celebrities and places like Pinterest! This is an easy way to identify what you're drawn to and find inspiration for your own style. You may find common elements in the styles you love, so it will become easy to know what you should invest in.

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If you're a bit of an experimental chemeleon you may switch things up according to your mood - as long as you're confident. Don't fixate on the "rules", but play around with fashion if you like.

Hope these tips have helped? Would love to hear from you - email me here.


  1. Great post! Thanks so much for the tips! I will be using them :)


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