Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mrs Rogero - Style Seminar

I'm so excited to host my first Style Seminar, a workshop for a limited number of women - on
Finding Your Personal Style. The workshop will cover body elements, colour and illusion dressing - to help you build a style you love. We'll also address specific issues and questions from attendees.

We have great sponsors on board: Face it, 27 Pinkx, 27 Red - Stage Line Professional SA, Catrice & Black Cherry! Thanks to these awesome brands, we'll have great giveaways and goodie bags. We also have cake Guru, Aamina on board - for the prettiest and yummiest treats! It's going to be a real spoil.

While I've done many events, in the capacity of Image Consultant, I've never hosted my own - until now. I look forward to many events hereafter, but the first is set to be special. If you'd like to attend, book asap as seats are limited.

See you there!


  1. Love this ad - all the best with your own event as I am sure you will be amazing.


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