Thursday, April 30, 2015

To Laugh

I love people. It's the reason I don't like to be alone, and it may even be the reason I can talk for hours
(or I just like to talk, ha!). I enjoy listening to people's stories, and I really like entertaining others with my own - mostly trying to make them laugh. Laughing with people may just be my favourite thing.

I think that's one of life's greatest treasures - to be able to laugh, no matter what. Life is unpredictable, and there is undoubtedly always hurt. One thing is certain though: we're able to laugh through the storm. I love that resilience. We are created with enough strength to weather the storm. Any storm. And once you're through it, it makes the best stories.

Forever New Skirt; Pure Top; Karen Millen Trench Dress/Vest; Zara Shoes
Foschini Bag & Neckpiece; Michael Kors Watch; Zuri Cuff & Rings

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  1. Love that look!


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