Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dress to Your Mood, Mood to Your Dress

My mood always determines what I wear. I'm a bit of a chameleon - some days a girly girl, some
days a tomboy. And many days what I wear determines my mood, and sets the tone for the day. In fact, when I feel down, I dress up.

This is what I wore today. And really, I did nothing but work - at home. I had loads to get through, and what I'd like to call the power [jump]suit got me in the mood. Being intentional with your image is well worth it...

Pure Jumpsuit; Xogo Blazer; Fashion Express Shoes; Zara Bag; Forever New Sunnies; Michael Kors Watch; Stila Patina Lips


  1. You look stunning!

  2. this hairstyle makes you look younger :-)

  3. where did you do your hair? (colour that is...)


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