Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Toddler Party: Isaiah Turns 2

We celebrated Isaiah's 2nd birthday this weekend, and I was so excited to have our boy's first party.
I've never understood how a baby's birthday is typically cause for an adult party, but now that I have a child of my own I get it. You're really celebrating with those closest to you and shouting "we've survived!". Ha! I'm particularly thankful for the people in our lives - as a parent I need the support, and lots of grace. Because of grace we have Isaiah, and my heart is happy. He is a big undeserved blessing and we love him so.

We just had some treats at home and I got baking again. I wanted to try a fun cake myself and I'm really proud of how it turned out. It's strawberry, granadilla and lemon flavoured and it was actually really tasty. Thanks for all your help, mom!


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  1. Honestly, every child at this party is just beautiful. Happy (belated) birthday Isaiah! I'll have some cake next time :)


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