Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Short Cuts to Looking Good

Because I put up outfit posts almost daily, people often assume that I'm always put together and that
it's somehow easier for me. The truth is, I'm a real person and I have days where I'm in my pj's for half the day or just look generally deurmekaar. Heck, I post a lot of average looks because I try to be transparent.

When Isaiah was just a baby, I had vomit on my clothes all the time and I didn't know where the days started or ended. Looking good was hard work then. There are still many times that I'm scrambling for my favourite jeans or having a bad hair day - but there are short cuts that help me feel my best, even on the craziest days. I'm sharing those on You, Baby & I today. See the post here.

Mr P Jeans; Cotton On Top; Zara Shoes; Vintage Bag


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