Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Body Love: What I love about my body

We all have the same struggle: one day we love our body, the next we don't. Or, you don't like your
body in general. I know that story. Whether you're a size 30, or 42 - we all have the same struggle, so I'd like to introduce a series on the blog that will celebrate the body we're in.

When discovering your personal style, the first place to start is determine what you love about your body so that you could highlight those things. It may even be difficult to find things you love, I mean, we focus so much on the stuff we don't like - but it's so worth it. Knowing what you love about your body allows you to be more confident and choose clothes that make you feel good.

We're so into body bashing; I used to cringe at my ears/feet/arms/hands/nose so often - we forget that we are wonderfully crafted. Of course, everyone has body issues - but the realization that we're perfectly imperfect will alter the way you feel about yourself. I think a good place to start is with some body praise.

So, here's what I love about my body:

My legs. They're really aren't bad.
I love my stomach too, most days.
My back deserves a shout out - I have a nice back.
I also love my eyes.
And my hair, especially my curls.
Finally, I love my lips.

YOUR TURN. What do you love about your body? Go on, give yourself a compliment.

Mr P Top, Pants & Neckpiece; Aldo Sunglasses; Bag via Spree; Zara Shoes; Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless on the lips


  1. You look beautiful Stash, I love this post!

  2. I love my smile. My husband didn't know my name back when we were studying together and nicknamed me smiley. I used to be made fun of at school cause I have more gum than teeth but now i'm just like whatevs, I own it, I love my gummy smile and so does he!

    I love this, you should definitely do a tag!

    1. Hi! Thank you.
      What a great thing to love, your smile could just be the most important thing about your body, for everyone!

  3. Nice post :)

    I love my eyes, lips, locs, feet, legs, bum, boobs (because they gave life to my daughter) and skin

    1. Thank you! And that's a great list - heck I need to learn to love my boobs, because since giving life to my son they haven't been on my love list! ;)


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