Thursday, January 29, 2015

10 Pieces 30 Outfits (Live More With Less)

In my desire to cut down my wardrobe size, I've been considering the versatility of my clothing - and zoning in on pieces that can be worn over and over again. I think the main reason we tend to shop all the time is because we don't find value in our clothes, despite a full wardrobe (we shopped all wrong!) - but if we owned pieces that can be repeated without feeling boring it would be a very different story.

And so enters the 10 piece challenge. To test the value of pieces, I've selected 10 clothing items and created 30 different outfits (and discovered I could style even more)!

Here are the pieces I worked with:

A pair of jeans (Mr P). I chose boyfriend jeans because it's my favourite style.
Skinny chinos (Jay Jay's)- chinos are a basic and can be worn so many ways.
Pencil skirt (Jay Jay's). A great pencil skirt will go the distance; I chose a stripe one.
Printed midi skirt (Mr P) - I chose my favourite voluminous skirt.
Little black dress (Mr P) - this sleeveless one can be worn many ways.
Graphic tshirt (Zara) - a good alternative to the basic white tee.
Printed shirt (Jay Jay's).
Denim shirt (Mr P).
Blazer (Zara) - the peplum detail is particularly interesting and because it zips right up it's more versatile.
Long black button-down tank top (Cotton On).

These are inexpensive basics that most people would have, so anyone can achieve all these looks. I opted for prints to add dimension and interest to outfits, and stick to my personal style.

I accessorized only with shoes and handbags (so outfits can become much more different if you bring in more accessories!). I incorporated 6 pairs of shoes in all looks, but these outfits can be created with even less:

Black  (Zara) chunky heel, Nude (Zara) strappy heel, Black (Woolworths) strappy heel, ,
Nude (Zara) pointy, Leopard print (Woolworths) flats, Bright (Zara) heel.

Here is a closer look at the 30 different outfits I came up with. From casual to corporate, there's a look for every occasion:


Layer. Shirts are great for layering. One day it's a top, the next it's a light jacket or cardigan. Also, the sleeveless dress is great because it can be worn over a shirt as a tunic, or under a top/shirt as a skirt.
Roll up your skirt. I styled the pencil skirt differently by adjusting the length just by rolling it up at the top. I also played with the hemline of my pants to keep it interesting.
My basic tank was used as a cardigan because it's a button down!
Knot your top. I've knotted a shirt, tee and tank for a different look.
Wear it back-to-front. This challenge really allowed me to think out of the box. Why not try your top on backwards as I did with the tank (I knotted it too as it's extra long)?
Pattern mix. I literally paired every top with every bottom, so I mixed patterns and really liked the result!
Tuck and untuck. I styled tops both ways for different looks.
Lastly, I brought in a belt to turn my LBD into a top and I will definitely do this in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I had so much fun putting it together and I hope to do it often. Let me know what you think?


  1. Love this post!!!! You can do no wrong :)

  2. I'm so inlove with this post. Thank you :)

  3. Amazing! Please do more of these posts.

  4. This is fantastic Nastassja! Your range of style is truly evident here.

  5. just what i needed...thank you!

  6. Really digging this post! I recently did a wardrobe edit as well and I truly believe having less is more :) I feel so much more in control of the "what to wear today" situation each morning and when I have to decide, I can immediately envision it in my head! Thanks for this post, hun - keep 'em coming. You're so inspiring xoxo

    1. Thank you hun! I look forward to seeing your video!

  7. This is awesome! I love how different each outfit looks!

    1. Thanks for coming by Audrey! I'm glad you like it.

  8. BEST post yet! Sorry but it's true. :P

  9. BEST post yet! Sorry but it's true. :P

  10. hehe, thank you - I like it too!

  11. Simply wow! I should try and do it with my clothes...I wonder if I could pull off a half decent job 🙈🙈🙈 but you have inspired me!


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