Wednesday, November 19, 2014


My camera's battery died while we were taking these pictures, but I wanted to share the ones we managed to take anyway because I really liked this outfit.

I love this skirt from Anisa's latest range - it's beautiful and feels exquisite. I paired it with a tshirt and added some contrast with orange heels. I felt like such a lady.

Anisa for Mr P Skirt; Mr P Project Top; Gifted Clutch; Zara Shoes; Lovisa Earrings


  1. That skirt is such a beauty. I love that it has such a powerful print and it looks so expensive but is available from Mr P.

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time

  2. Absolutely stunning! I'm going to make my mission to find this skirt... Actually hate myself for not getting it.

    1. Thanks hun. Good luck! It's a great find.

  3. So beautiful! :)
    I was so upset that I waited 'til the evening to order the skirt, and I couldn't get my size. Fortunately they added more online yesterday - yay! :)


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