Sunday, November 9, 2014


I love stripes so I was immediately drawn to this tank dress from Mr Price. It's very easy to wear and I would definitely pair it will my converse all-stars for an errand run.

I can't find this one online (it should be up soon), but here's one in grey.

I've been wearing my hair naturally a lot lately (it's a little crazy in these pictures) - I'm so lazy to do anything else, but I'm over it. I don't love this stage but I'm just glad it's growing. This look resembles a granny fresh out of rollers. Ha! My hair's the last thing I cared about this weekend - Isaiah and I are both sick so we spent most of our time sleeping. I'm hoping for a better week.

Mr Price Dress; Melissa Shoes; Zuri Jewellery; MK Watch; Vintage Bag

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  1. Love this! You look so cute, and I love the hair. Bring out the #naturalcurls.
    I wish we could meet. Hate that some of the bloggers I'd love to meet live in different cities. BLEH.


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