Friday, October 24, 2014

Super Tall

Mr Price Pants, Top, Neckpiece & Cuffs; Topshop Shoes
 Zara Bag; China Town Sunglasses; Lovisa Earrings
I'm not very tall, but in high waist, wide leg pants & these topshop skyscrapers, I'm on top of the world! A great way to look taller is high waist anything, because it elongates your body and a wide leg gives the illusion that your legs are a mile long too. If you're not wearing a wide leg, or high waist - try a nude or pointy shoe if you want to look taller. I love a good trick or two!
Speaking of tricks, I picked up these Prada-esque sunglasses from China Town long ago (while I swoon over the originals). It's so fun, yet classy - and real thing will be perfect for my birthday coming up in December. Ha! Husband has heard that a dozen times.

Happy weekend!

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