Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Jeans, Shirt, Neckpiece & Sunglasses: Mr Price; Shoes: Aldo
Coat: Zara; Hat: Foschini; Bag: Vintage; Earrings: Zuri
Hovering around the store, hoping she puts that shoe down. Because you want it.
Answering the phone and having to say hello a dozen times because of poor signal. Every. single. day.
...And the call that does come through is an insurance sales person!
Isaiah finishing all my fries.
Hat hair.
Pink socks.
The only size in the shoe you love, and you got it. Ha!
Fries. McD's.
These boots from Aldo.
High-waist pants. For long legs.
Unexpected deliveries.
This awesome Giveaway.



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