Monday, May 5, 2014

Motherhood Monday

Pants, Top & Neckpiece: Mr Price; Jacket: Woolworths; Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Gifted; Sunglasses: Ray Ban via Sunglass Hut; Watch: MK

I wish I could blame being a non-blogger on being a busy mom. Nope. With the exception of interrupted sleep (thank you teething), things aren't crazy or crazy busy. Oh, he's running around like crazy, shouting like crazy, toilet flushing like crazy, spit bubbling like crazy, dancing like crazy, trying to drag along as I walk like crazy. Normal stuff in this nut house.
I've been a non-blogger lately only because we haven't taken pictures. And I didn't even care. I even contemplated quitting. Sheesh. Saying (well, writing, you know what I mean) that out loud is scary. The blogosphere has become so... full. It's like you have to shout to have you voice heard. And, have we become brand-chasers? Screaming look at me? The point of this blog was never about the industry. The point was about the things I love. And as the room gets full, I remind myself of my place in it. I can't quit this blog. It's my first born, and I love you for reading.
On quiet blog days, you can bet you'll find loads of pictures on instagram. Follw me here.

Thank you for coming by!


  1. I'm glad that you came to you senses and decided to continue to blog! Life would be dull without Mrs Rogero :)

  2. i was wondering what happened to you! i'm so glad that you decided to keep the blog "industry" humble :)


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