Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Home: Kitchen Renovation

While we were house shopping, we saw bad kitchens. I mean, really bad. Like, vrot. When we first saw the kitchen of our new house, I was pleased. It wasn't my dream kitchen, but I could definitely live with it for a couple of years before making any changes. And then, almost at the spur of the moment, we decided to redo the kitchen before moving in. We've done a lot at the house, but the kitchen is definitely the biggest makeover. It's not done yet, but we're nearly there.
Below is the kitchen, before.
The biggest change was to create an open plan kitchen, so we broke out the wall and closed up the kitchen door. This made room for an island too.

My ideal kitchen is modern but cosy (see my inspiration here). It has clean lines but is not too futuristic. There's lots of white. Starting with the cabinets.

We're absolutely blessed by my dad, who has been doing all the work. He's been in the industry forever and I really trust him.
It looks so fresh already.
I think the biscuity floor and tops warm up the all-white kitchen. The counter tops was the most difficult decision of the entire renovation, but I'm glad we settled on quartz.

Another favourite change is swapping out the stainless steel standard sink for a ceramic butlers sink. I love it.

Next, we will be focusing on the walls, and add finishing touches. When we're in and settled, I'll do a decent post (with decent pictures). I'll have to brush up on my cooking skills in the meantime!

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