Monday, January 27, 2014

Motherhood Monday

So. I'm no longer breastfeeding. Wednesday night last week I replaced Isaiah's usual night [breast] feed with the bottle. He took it without any hassle. He woke up a few times throughout the night, and took the bottle (one milk, one water). Since then he hasn't asked for the breast at all. I was pleasantly surprised; I thought it would be a big challenge.

I think his stomach may need to get used to the change, as he seems constipated. We've increased his water intake to help. 

Many have asked how I have weaned him and this is what worked for me:

  • Gradual weaning. He was already used to the bottle, as he took formula during the day for a few months already. It was literally just with the night/early morning feeds that he was still on the breast, and that I just replaced with the formula bottle.

  • I got medication to stop my milk supply. Once you take it, you cannot breastfeed as it goes into the breastmilk - that motivated me to be headstrong. The breast was not on standby, and the only option was the bottle.

  • If he had refused the bottle, I would have left it and offered it later - and repeated if necessary. This is how we got him onto the bottle in the beginning. It sounds harsh, but a hungry baby will take the bottle, eventually.

  • The first night, I put Lennons Wonderkroon onto "the area" - just in case Isaiah insisted on the breast. The taste would put him off (tried and tested the previous week). We didn't even get that far (since he took the bottle immediately).

  • Stopping has lead to engorgement. Be prepared. I think I know what the recovery from a boob job is like! Camphor oil and cold cabbage leaves helps. This old wives' tale has soothed the area. Don't be fooled though, it may take a while - I still have engorgement. 

In other [baby] news, Isaiah is now 11 months old and:

has two teeth, with a mouth full of swollen gums


speeds along the furniture

stands alone for a few seconds, much to his delight

tastes everything, likes very little (and makes an obvious sound when he doesn't like something)

eats pumpkin [again]

likes cheese sandwiches

drinks water from a glass

thinks farting is hilarious

wears size 6-12 and 12-18 months clothing, size 3 shoe

digs in his nose (thanks to my darling parents for teaching him that one), waves, dances, claps, snaps fingers, makes phone calls, repeats sounds, repeats every single hand gesture

he points at his teeth, nose, hair

he opens doors and drawers and unpacks cupboards

he is very jealous. He literally climbed on top of his grandmother when she showed his cousin attention!

...We love him so.

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