Friday, January 10, 2014

Mom Jeans

Jeans: Topshop; Top: Mr Price; Shoes & Bag: Zara
Neckpiece: Zuri; Sunglasses: China Town
It's definitely not the most flattering style, but mom jeans are awesome. I can't think of many trends that allow you to get through an entire meal (plus seconds) and not have to suck it in. I remember promoting low-rise jeans to my mom when I was younger - she was wearing jeans up to her navel and I was trying to teach her about fashion. Today she's thinking, "girrrl, I told you these jeans are hot". Ha!
If you're eager to try mom jeans, give it a shot. Create balance by pairing with heels and a more fitted top (like Marilyn Monroe would do - curvy girls kill this look!).

Thank you for coming by. Happy Weekend!


  1. Wow. You're gorgeous! You make "mom jeans" look good. LOL I could never look like that! Plus, let's talk about that tribal top? That print is gorgeous! It looks vintage! Is it??

    More Modern Modesty


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