Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Neckpiece: Zuri; Everything Else: Mr Price
Night time posing...
in oil-stained drive-ways.
Going to a store, a good drive away, twice in one day because the box is missing lots of stuff.
Taking a bath at 3pm.
...and the helper assumes Husband is on the way.
Isaiah waking for a comfort feed every time he changes sides. Sleep? What sleep?
No one to talk to "at work". So many unused words. Sheesh, poor Husband.
Third week. Two doctors. Still coughing.
Taking a bath at 3pm!
Crop tops on week days.
Going to your own fridge, during a lunch break.
No traffic.
Making lists.
...and getting things done.
Isaiah copying every thing you do. Wave. wave. Shout. shout. Snap fingers. Snap fingers. So fun.
Husband, my mom and Isaiah's nanny - for trying to make my cough go away. Bless them.
A good sale. The trick is to wait it out until after Christmas - you know this.


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