Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Sunglasses: Fashion Express; Everything Else: Mr Price
I'm going to skip this list and just tell you that this week has been more awkward than I'd like to admit. Right now Isaiah climbed down from my lap, nearly taking my dress with him, and is trying to get to the tangled TV cords on the floor. I paused after almost every word of that sentence, trying to make him stop. And so, I'm going to abandon my efforts to write a decent paragragh. He has now moved onto rolls of toilet paper, and I better lead him to something he can play with if I want to save the toilet paper - because a day without toilet paper can get really awkward.


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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thankful Tuesday

Jeans: Mr Price; Top: Woolworths; Shoes: Sam Star
Bag: Zara; Watch: Gifted MK; Sunglasses: Fashion Express
[Things I'm thankful for.]
Good weather.
My dad, who has been working on renovations at our new home.
My mom and brothers, who are always ready to help.
Husband. I've too many reasons to mention.
Isaiah, for being such a big [bottle fed] boy.
Time. We take time for granted, yet it's our most valuable asset!
Unexpected phone calls.
Friendly hellos.


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Monday, January 27, 2014

Motherhood Monday

So. I'm no longer breastfeeding. Wednesday night last week I replaced Isaiah's usual night [breast] feed with the bottle. He took it without any hassle. He woke up a few times throughout the night, and took the bottle (one milk, one water). Since then he hasn't asked for the breast at all. I was pleasantly surprised; I thought it would be a big challenge.

I think his stomach may need to get used to the change, as he seems constipated. We've increased his water intake to help. 

Many have asked how I have weaned him and this is what worked for me:

  • Gradual weaning. He was already used to the bottle, as he took formula during the day for a few months already. It was literally just with the night/early morning feeds that he was still on the breast, and that I just replaced with the formula bottle.

  • I got medication to stop my milk supply. Once you take it, you cannot breastfeed as it goes into the breastmilk - that motivated me to be headstrong. The breast was not on standby, and the only option was the bottle.

  • If he had refused the bottle, I would have left it and offered it later - and repeated if necessary. This is how we got him onto the bottle in the beginning. It sounds harsh, but a hungry baby will take the bottle, eventually.

  • The first night, I put Lennons Wonderkroon onto "the area" - just in case Isaiah insisted on the breast. The taste would put him off (tried and tested the previous week). We didn't even get that far (since he took the bottle immediately).

  • Stopping has lead to engorgement. Be prepared. I think I know what the recovery from a boob job is like! Camphor oil and cold cabbage leaves helps. This old wives' tale has soothed the area. Don't be fooled though, it may take a while - I still have engorgement. 

In other [baby] news, Isaiah is now 11 months old and:

has two teeth, with a mouth full of swollen gums


speeds along the furniture

stands alone for a few seconds, much to his delight

tastes everything, likes very little (and makes an obvious sound when he doesn't like something)

eats pumpkin [again]

likes cheese sandwiches

drinks water from a glass

thinks farting is hilarious

wears size 6-12 and 12-18 months clothing, size 3 shoe

digs in his nose (thanks to my darling parents for teaching him that one), waves, dances, claps, snaps fingers, makes phone calls, repeats sounds, repeats every single hand gesture

he points at his teeth, nose, hair

he opens doors and drawers and unpacks cupboards

he is very jealous. He literally climbed on top of his grandmother when she showed his cousin attention!

...We love him so.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thankful Tuesday

Dress: Sowearto; Shoes & Sunglasses: ALDO; Bag: Zara; Neckpiece: Zuri
[Things I'm thankful for.]
Our new home. We move in soon, and I can't wait to decorate.
My mom, who has offered to help wean Isaiah off the breast. Lord knows I need it!
A healthy baby, despite a bad patch with a cough and runny nose recently.
Husband, who works around the clock and doesn't miss a beat.
My dad. He is such a blessing, and he's hilarious too.

Thank you to Lerato for these pictures; I missed you Choma!
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Motherhood Monday

Jeans: Jay Jay's; T-shirt: Henry Holland for Mr Price; Scarf: China Town
Shoes: Cotton On; Bag: Mr Price; Neckpiece: Zuri; Watch: Gifted Michael Kors

Isaiah is 11 months old this week. I can't believe his first birthday is next month. It's a scary thing, but it's such a proud time too. I remember my anxiety at the thought that we're responsible for another person and while that anxiety still exists, I'm so proud that we've made it and that we've done alright. We can't say - "ag, next time we'll do better". Your first shot at parenting is really your best shot.
I've been breastfeeding all the time. At 3 months old, he started taking formula during the day, when I returned to work - but I'd breastfeed every other time. I knew I wanted to breastfeed; there was no question and I'm blessed that I was able to. I had planned on breastfeeding for a year, but this week I wean him off.
I figure he is old enough, and he is definitely a ball of health. He takes solids well, and doesn't refuse the bottle. I think I'm comfortable to stop breastfeeding. It's a little heartbreaking, because I feel sorry for him although I know that I'm not doing him an injustice. In fact, I'm continuing to lose weight and will do best by looking out for my health. It's also heartbreaking because breastfeeding was our thing; our QT - I love it and I'll miss it.
I'm not going to be the mama to a breastfed pre-schooler (this is a true story), so it's inevitable. It feels like the end of a big thing in both our lives, but the reality that he's growing up is exciting.
A new chapter begins.
No breastfeeding-friendly outfits required. Here's to wearing anything (it's not even a consolation right now). Sob.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Flowers & Ice Cream

Jeans: Mr Price; T-shirt: Quirky Stylista for Mr Price
Shoes: Karl Lagerfeld for Melissa at Nicci; Bag: Gifted Woolworths
Neckpiece: Gavin Raja for Legit; Sunglasses: Gifted Ray Ban
This simple jeans and t-shirt combo left loads of room for fun accessories, and I had fun with my favourite pieces. I really love these ice cream shoes from Melissa. I love Melissa shoes, and I have a good collection - but these stand out. They're so quirky and playful!
Adding this gorgeous neck piece from the Gavin Raja range at Legit just made it feel like Summer. And I love Summer!


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Friday, January 17, 2014

Dotty for Vintage

Skirt: Black Rose; Top: Mr Price; Shoes: ALDO; Bag: Vintage
Sunglasses: Gifted Ray Ban's; Necklace: Woolworths; Earrings: YDE
If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that I love vintage clothing and vintage inspired looks. I haven't been wearing either lately, because I've been so submersed in trends.
Yesterday, however, I pulled out this vintage-inspired highwaist skirt and paired it with a peter pan collar shirt in one of my favourite colours. It reminded me of the days I hated jeans and lived for lady-like style. Ah. My heart still belongs to vintage. Though my personal style has evolved into something with a bit more edge, I do love a good vintage piece.
And there, I've just encouraged myself to pull out my vintage loves and incorporate it into my changing style.

 Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dressing to Feel Good

Jeans, Top & Neckpiece: Mr Price; Shoes: Edgars
Bag: Zara; Earrings: Fashion Express
This is what I wore yesterday. That's actually only partly true, because I was in PJs until 3pm. I hadn't left the house all day (obviously, PJs are not for public ventures!), and was not planning to do so - but I reached for these high waist skinnies, crop top (because I'm cropping it all Summer long) and heels anyway because a. Husband won't find me looking ashy (after a long day at the office nobody wants to come home to a drab pyjama party - even if the PJs are cute) and b. I needed to feel good.
Getting dressed, and putting on some make up is something I enjoy. In fact, I highly recommend it (especially the getting dressed part, ha!). Look good = feel good. When I feel down, I dress up - even if it's just a pair of heels to add oomph, or an extra spritz of perfume - and it does wonders for my spirit.
I came across some guy's Facebook status yesterday, talking about how women in relationships shouldn't be making an effort to impress people by looking good in nice clothes and make up, and how these women's men are fools to allow this... this guy?! He doesn't know does he? Women. You are beautiful; present yourself as such. Like a gorgeously wrapped package. Not to impress people - you do this, for you. People will have an opinion of you, anyway - so make a grand statement while you're at it! That doesn't mean a sexy dress or heels everyday, but whatever makes you feel beautiful. It takes very little effort. Let me not rant, I could go on forever. Just know this, what you think about yourself shows up all over how you present yourself. Be good to yourself.

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