Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Purple Cow

Pants: Cleo Droomer for Mr Price; Top: Pure; Shoes: Sissy Boy
Sunglasses: Freebie; Earrings: Honey 

I love the analogy of the purple cow (which I was reminded of just yesterday). Why fit in, when you can stand out? Why be like everyone else, and be easy to replace? Be the purple cow. Be rare. I've learned that you only really add value, if you're adding something different. When pursuing your dreams, find your niche. 

The greatest people in the world stood out. This week, we're celebrating the life of Madiba. We celebrate him because he went against the grain. He didn't mind opposition. He was brave. He was the purple cow.

I needed this reminder yesterday, as we approach a new year. Maybe you do too.

*Of course this outfit inspired this little talk on the purple cow.

Thanks to Lerato for these pictures.
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