Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Jeans, Tshirt, Neckpiece & Sunglasses: Mr Price; Trench: Topshop
Shoes: Nine West

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday posts have been the most popular, if what you've told me is anything to go by. But these days, it takes me forever to write - because I'm thinking, "what's been awkward lately?!". Maybe it's a sign. Yes. Finally. I'm more awesome than awkward. 

Um. No. Who am I kidding? I'm the most awkward person I know.

I laugh loud. And my chin does a weird wrinkle when I do. My speaking voice is sometimes terribly high pitched. Hearing people imitate me is horrible. Do. I. really. sound. like. that? Sometimes I shout, when I'm actually just speaking normally. I embarrass myself often (but really, I'm not embarrassed at all). I sometimes think of things to say, to make people laugh. I laugh at my own jokes. I like odd things, like vintage clothing with shoulder pads. Around my family and friends, I'm kinda odd. I don't mind dancing, when I'm a terrible dancer. I'm awkward pretty much every day. It's my normal, and it's pretty awesome.


Thank you to Lerato for these pictures.

Thank you for coming by, and letting me pose and pretend to be super awesome!


  1. I'm so IN LOVE with this look. Seriously. IN LOVE!
    You're awesome... A totally beautiful awesome lady!

    1. Laiqah, thank you! Must tell you, every time I wear boyfriend jeans - I hope to rock them as well as you do. You're the bf jeans queen! ;)

  2. This post made me laugh so much! My fave; "Sometimes I shout, when I'm actually just speaking normally" - because I have experienced this personally lol :) you look great!

    1. Arlene, you have no idea how much Rog stresses me about it. It's in my genes this loud speaking nonsense. :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit and gorgeous photographs!

  4. Your hair looks amazing and I love the BF jeans!


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