Monday, December 30, 2013

Motherhood Monday

Skirt, Top & Neckpiece: Mr Price;
Shoes: Fashion Express; Bag: Zara; Earrings:Honey

This is an old look from a few weekends ago. I thought I'd blog more regularly while on leave, but I should have known... that never happens. Anyway, I thought I'd post this one tonight, especially since it's Motherhood Monday and our boy is already ten months old! Here're a few things you may like to know:

He is officially crawling. While it started a couple of weeks ago, he never really crawled - he almost just scooted around, with one leg still under his bum. Now that he's completely mobile, he only wants to be on the floor.

He is also pulling himself up against the furniture, and walking alongside it. He thinks that he can stand, that child. Often he lets go and stands for a few seconds as we cheer him on while he grins proudly.

He is making Dada, Oupa and Mama sounds. I'm rooting for the latter as his first word, obviously, so while no one's watching I repeat Mama a zillion times hoping he'll catch on. Ha!

He only eats banana purity. No other will do. He loves 2-minute-noodles. Doesn't like his cereal very much. Biltong's a winner.

We can see his first tooth starting to appear.

He is starting to develop a real temper - and knows how to manipulate us. He threatens to cry when we tell him "no". And, he does not lay still when we change his nappy any more. He rolls over, sits up, crawls... anything to stay naked a little longer.

Yup, he loves to be naked.

Thanks to Husband for these pictures.

Thank you for coming by. I hope you've had a great time this festive season. Happy New Year, in advance. I pray that you are blessed in 2014 and every day thereafter.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Blackcherry - Blogger Challenge

Top, skirt, Vest & Sunglasses: Mr Price; Shoes: Woolworths;
Bag: Blackcherry; Neckpiece: Sass Diva (now Zuri); Bracelets: Gifted

I was thrilled when Blackcherry Handbags asked me to participate in their Blogger Challenge. And here is how I styled my Blackcherry bag. *Photo overload alert.

Check out how the other (super stylish) bloggers styled this bag:

I loved taking part in this challenge, and it's so fun so see how each of us have styled the same bag. I'm a huge advocate of personal style, so I really appreciate how five women wear one piece.

Thank you Blackcherry! Check them out on facebook, here.


Thanks to Lerato for these pictures!

Today I say good bye to the job I've been in for nearly five years. 2014 will be a very different year for me. More on that in a separate post.

Thank you for coming by. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Purple Cow

Pants: Cleo Droomer for Mr Price; Top: Pure; Shoes: Sissy Boy
Sunglasses: Freebie; Earrings: Honey 

I love the analogy of the purple cow (which I was reminded of just yesterday). Why fit in, when you can stand out? Why be like everyone else, and be easy to replace? Be the purple cow. Be rare. I've learned that you only really add value, if you're adding something different. When pursuing your dreams, find your niche. 

The greatest people in the world stood out. This week, we're celebrating the life of Madiba. We celebrate him because he went against the grain. He didn't mind opposition. He was brave. He was the purple cow.

I needed this reminder yesterday, as we approach a new year. Maybe you do too.

*Of course this outfit inspired this little talk on the purple cow.

Thanks to Lerato for these pictures.
Thanks for coming by!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Jeans, Tshirt, Neckpiece & Sunglasses: Mr Price; Trench: Topshop
Shoes: Nine West

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday posts have been the most popular, if what you've told me is anything to go by. But these days, it takes me forever to write - because I'm thinking, "what's been awkward lately?!". Maybe it's a sign. Yes. Finally. I'm more awesome than awkward. 

Um. No. Who am I kidding? I'm the most awkward person I know.

I laugh loud. And my chin does a weird wrinkle when I do. My speaking voice is sometimes terribly high pitched. Hearing people imitate me is horrible. Do. I. really. sound. like. that? Sometimes I shout, when I'm actually just speaking normally. I embarrass myself often (but really, I'm not embarrassed at all). I sometimes think of things to say, to make people laugh. I laugh at my own jokes. I like odd things, like vintage clothing with shoulder pads. Around my family and friends, I'm kinda odd. I don't mind dancing, when I'm a terrible dancer. I'm awkward pretty much every day. It's my normal, and it's pretty awesome.


Thank you to Lerato for these pictures.

Thank you for coming by, and letting me pose and pretend to be super awesome!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thankful Tuesday

My husband is right up there on the list of things I'm thankful for. I thank the Lord everyday for blessing me with my Roger. 

He is my best friend, soul mate, prayer partner, coffee maker, biggest fan, financial adviser, go-getter, shopping partner, truth teller, spoiler and coca cola sharer. He is also an amazing father, and human genie. I love how he loves to see our wishes come true. I love how he loves to make me happy. 

He is the most disciplined person I know, and I love his commitment. He is always on time (though I am always late). 

I love his silliness. I love his laugh - this very serious man. Often strict and stern, but what a gentle heart.

He's a dapper dresser too.


 Husband, I love you so and I'm thankful for you.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Henry Holland

Dress: Henry Holland for Mr Price; Shoes: Charles & Keith
Neckpiece: Foschini; Bag: Vintage via Lost & Found

I love this dress by Henry Holland for Mr Price. I love it a lot; just the way I love a good vintage dress. It feels vintage. The fabric, the lining - the flare! Henry Holland knows how to make a great dress. Mr Price, you've done it again!

Thanks to Husband for these pictures.

 Happy new week!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Dress: Amber Jones for Mr Price; Shirt & Bag: Mr Price; Shoes: Foschini
Sunglasses: YDE: Neckpiece: Sass Diva (now Zuri)

My car. The alarm goes off randomly...
...and today I heard an alarm (while on a mall run) and ran out to put it off...
...but it wasn't my car. Oops.
The staring strangers while we took these pictures. Then Lerato shouts "she's famous!".
...They look back to see who they missed, and don't recognise me, obviously.
Lerato says the nicest things. This time, "you're not as exciting as you used to be". Gee, thanks. 
Baby poop on my [new] shoes. Don't even ask.

Vintage dresses that need no alterations. Fits like a glove. Oh yeah.
Birthday presents (from yourself, ha!).
Pinterest, for this look. Who has the time to think of layers on Wednesdays? Not me.
This Céline inspired bag from Mr Price.
7 Days until leave. Yes please.
Waves in the morning, kisses in the evening. Love my boy.
Nice people.

Thanks to Lerato for these pictures.

Thank you for coming by!