Monday, September 9, 2013

Motherhood Monday

Top & Skirt: Mr Price; Shoes & Sunglasses: ALDO; Neckpiece: Lovisa; Bag: Gifted

We lowered Isaiah's cot this weekend. Now that he's sitting up, we had to. His cot is now not only a sleeping place, but a play pen. This is scary. How did my newborn go from sleeping alllll the time to this?!

Speaking of which, his sleep patterns have been crazy. On Saturday he didn't sleep at all (with the exception of the 15 minute nap we took together). And, he has been skelm in the evenings. I'd lay him down and he'd sleep for half an hour and wake up again. He'd repeat this about two or three times before going to sleep for real. I've learned to be patient, because next week may just be different. Heck, tomorrow may just be different. 

Thanks to Smanga for these iphone snapshots.

Happy new week!

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