Monday, September 2, 2013

Motherhood Monday

Pants: Woolworths; Top: Jay Jay's; Shoes & Bag: Foschini
Sunglasses: YDE; Neckpiece: Sass Diva

You always hear that motherhood is innate. That once you become a mother, you'll know how to be a mother. I've experienced that to be true, yes, but not without some trial and error. When Isaiah was born, and all the visitors had left, and it was just the two of us, I looked at him and literally asked, "now what will I do with you?".

The first few weeks were insane. No sleep. Short baths. No time. Everyone said it'll be better by the third month. And it has. So much so that I wish that third month didn't come so soon. The newborn stage is almost fleeting.

Isaiah has really been a pleasant baby. He has no issues to complain about. With the exception of a runny nose during a Cape Town stay, he has not been sick. He feeds well. He started sleeping through the night very early. People were amazed. 

Of course there are still nights where he'd wake up for a feed. There was a short stint where he refused to sleep in his cot - every time I put him down he'd cry, so it took me about four tries before he stayed. His skin is sensitive and we use special creams. He takes a long time to get use to people. We tried going to a movie one night, and that didn't work. My boy wants his Mama. He is in his routine, and knows night time equals Mama time. But that's about the height of my baby drama.

We've been so blessed, and I thank God every day for Isaiah. I'm a little sad because I've seen it for myself - they grow so fast. This weekend we got him a high-chair. Are we there already? And so, I've learned to enjoy every moment, even the challenging ones. Don't wish time away, new Momma. Things will happen as they should, and you're well equipped to handle it. You were born for this.

Thanks to Husband for these iphone snapshots.

Happy Spring!


  1. LOVE this outfit! The colour combo is awesome :)
    Love the pics too x

  2. Very beautifully written, inspirational. I love your blog xxx


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