Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Skirt: Vintage via Lost & Found; Top, Cardigan & Neckpiece: Mr Price 
Shoes: Legit; Bag: Forever New; Sunglasses: ALDO
 Watch: Gifted Michael Kors

When the lady at Chicken Licken hands you your order and says, "see you tomorrow!".
When the clasp on your pretty handbag breaks, mid mall run.
Coming out of a store, where you thought you were just getting lipstick, with a stained mouth and lots of wet-wipes in hand.
Carrying a dirty nappy to the nearest bin, which is quite far. Oh just me and my nappy, taking a walk.
Baby change/feeding rooms, with transparent stained glass.
Getting a card out of your wallet, at. the. till. Why do they design the card slots so tight?!

 New shoes. The kind that you almost don't want to wear, but display like art instead.
Bare arms!
Cheese and corn samosas.
Wednesday. Half way there, people!
The feeling I get when Isaiah reaches for me as I'm about to pick him up.
...Almost like the feeling I get when he cries for me. Ha!
A Canon 550D, now on my wishlist.

Thank you to Smanga for these pictures.

Thank you for coming by!


  1. Beautiful lady!!! Awkward & Awesome Wednesday's are the best! :)

  2. A canon camera, sigh! You look beautiful :)

    1. Thanks Arls :) I have the Canon Coolpic L120, which is a toy for beginners. I sooo want to get the D550!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful!
    I love this outfit on you and the pictures are beautifully taken :)

  4. Such an awesome outfit! Love the combination of the stripe top and printed skirt ♥

  5. Love this. You do awkward awesomely!!


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