Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Jeans, Shoes & Neckpiece: Mr Price; Top: Woolworths; Bag: YDE


Falling flat yesterday. I slid across the floor (okay, that's a slight exaggeration). I've got a purple knee as a reminder of the moment.
Iphone snapshots. While I dream of the Canon 550D, I need to sort out my old Canon, really.
This bun. It's getting old.
Isaiah discovered he can do all sort of sounds. The latest one is between a cry and the sound a monkey makes.
A baby in your bed. Why does the smallest person take up the most space?
I was in PJs for most of Heritage Day. What does that say about my heritage?
Wanting every colour from the Mac Matte lipstick range.

Getting many colours from the Mac Matte lipstick range. Obsessed.
New shoes. The highlight being a pair of ice cream Melissas!
A spontaneous braai.
Phone calls, with exciting news.
Waking up, then realising it's Saturday. I love when that happens. I feel like I won something, every time.
A bargain antique server.
Blue and orange. Together.
Isaiah, who is 7-months-old today.

Thanks to Lwazi for these quick Iphone snapshots.

Have a great day!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Motherhood Monday

Dress: Fashion Express; Shoes: Truworths; Bag: Foschini; Neckpiece: Sass Diva

Before Isaiah, my family consisted of Husband and I. We were each other's favourite place. Now that we're a trio, our family is so much sweeter. We never thought we could be so much happier. Our favourite place is where ever the three of us are. Things have changed, yes. Like, we haven't been to the movies in ages. Our days are lead by his eating/changing/napping schedule. Our weekends include a baby who wants our attention. And we love it. 

Our Saturday mornings are great. Isaiah wakes us up with his talking, and shouting, and laughing, and [often] face-smacking/eye-poking/lip-pulling. It's why we look forward to the weekend. It's the best life we never knew existed. Being a parent is such a huge responsibility, but it makes your heart so full. To express your love for your child is impossible. I love him soooooooooooooooo much (and more). 

Thanks to my mother for these (old) Iphone snapshots.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Skirt: Pure; Shirt: Vintage via Vintage Junkies; Shoes: Melissa; Neckpiece: Foschini

Trying not to sneeze, as I put Isaiah down to sleep.
A desk full of used tissues.
Trying to eat Chicken Licken at your desk gracefully.
Dreaming about Instagram. I have a problem.
I'm such a poser.

Asparagus. I love that stuff.
Lwazi thinks the fact that my flu has me quieter than usual is awesome. He's mean.
Perspex/clear heels. I really want a good pair.
Ice-cream season!
Brenden. Yup, I'm into Idols SA.

Thanks to Husband for these pictures.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thankful Tuesday

Top, Jeans & Neckpiece: Mr Price; Blazer: Zara
Shoes: Van Der Tlale for Legit; Bag: Foschini

[Things I'm thankful for.]
A healthy baby.
My parents.
Fresh, warm-weather food.
Bare toes.
Traffic-free days.
Summer dreams, which involve swimming and braais!
Colour. What a mood lifter!
Conversations with Isaiah.

Thanks to my mom for these Iphone snapshots.

I bet there's loads you're thankful for today?!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Motherhood Monday

Top, Pants, Shoes & Earrings: Mr Price; Bag: Foschini, Watch: Gifted Michael Kors

We experienced Isaiah's first crying spell on Wednesday night (into Thursday morning!), last week. 

I put him down to sleep at 9PM then he woke up screaming at 10PM. It took an hour to settle him, then he woke around midnight - again screaming. 

He didn't have a fever or any other obvious signs of being ill, so we thought we'd be able to get him to settle without getting him to a Doctor (as new parents, our first thought was to rush to the emergency room - of course). My mom suggested that his stomach might be the problem (he seemed constipated that day), and so we got out the Lennons (gave him 3 drops of Wonderkroon)! It seemed to help, but he kept fussing and threatening to sream - with silent, sad sobs. My heart hurt for him! 

Husband was worried, but I told him to sleep and I went into another room, where Isaiah eventually fell asleep at 1AM. That was good night. At 7 that morning, he woke up smiling and giggling as usual. It was as if nothing had happened. Now, to keep him regular, we've given him two spoons of Prune Purity in his food every other day. It seems to help his tummy (but I don't know what caused the stomach woes in the first place?!).

Leave any advice, or send me hugs!

Thanks to Husband for these Iphone snapshots, from Saturday.

Have a good week!

Friday, September 13, 2013


This is what I'm wearing today, brought to you by mobile blogging, again. I hope next week will be different. Ai. At least it's the weekend!

The jeans and top, from Mr Price; shoes from Zara; trench, Burberry, bag is from YDE.

Thanks to Smanga for these quick Iphone snapshots.

Have a good one!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


The Internet fails me today, again, and so I turn to mobile blogging, again. Here's what I'm wearing today. It's nothing particularly special. I built the look from the top, in a rush to get out the door after a sleepless night. I don't consider this my style anymore. I like to think my personal style has evolved into something edgier? As I say, I like to think so. 

Then again, I consider myself a moody dresser so maybe this is just not my style today. 

The top, skirt and neckpiece, from Mr Price; heels from Nine West; bag and sunglasses are from ALDO.

Thanks to Smanga for these iPhone snapshots.

Thank you for coming by.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thankful Tuesday

Dress: Mr Price; Shoes: Nine West; Neckpiece: Sass Diva
Clutch: Vintage via Fruitcake; Sunglasses: Fashion Express

[Things I'm thankful for.]
New vision.
Falling asleep next to Isaiah.
Fresh ideas.
A warm breeze, on a lovely Spring day.
Being able to get home a little earlier, welcomed by a smiling baby.
Husband, who desires to give me the world - and I know it.
Having someone miss you. Feel's good to be needed.
The promise of Summer!
A God that never forgets.

Thank you to Lwazi for these pictures.

What are you thankful for today?