Monday, August 26, 2013

Six Months Old

Our boy turned 6 months old yesterday, so today's post is dedicated to him. In fact, because the time is flyyyying by, I'm going to dedicate every Monday to him. I'll call it Motherhood Monday. One day we'll look back and read these entries and wonder where the time has gone, and he'll cringe.

These pictures below I meant to post ages ago. He was only 2 months old here. My photographer friend and colleague, Lwazi, took these pictures. And they make me cry - happy tears because we're so blessed to have this boy.

At 6 months, he:

weighs almost 8kgs

wears 6-12 months clothes

has chubby cheeks
...and cellulite thighs

loves to eat
...butternut and sweat potato are his faves

is very talkative

loves to giggle
...especially at bath time

has the cutest dimples
...and stinky feet

loves TV

needs time to warm up to people

sits up on his own, but flops over occasionally

loves music
...and often sings along

enjoys a good tickle

loves to stare
...and chew on his toes

These pictures were taken yesterday.

Love you, Mama's boy!


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