Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Skirt & Neckpiece: Mr Price; Top: Quirky Stylista for Mr Price
Coat: Woolworths; Shoes: Rage; Bag: Gifted Prada


Ripped tights.
Diaper blowouts.
Tip toeing into the room only to find Isaiah wide awake.
Trying to get that last bit of meat off the chicken bone. Yup.
Shoes that want to slip off with every step... and you're in a shopping mall... alone.
Shoes that are too tight. But too pretty.
Walking into a store and your entire outfit is on display. Ha!
Online shopping deliveries at work. The front desk is suspicious.
I think I will end here. This list is too long.

Bath time with Isaiah.
...or, just Isaiah.
Woolies' shortbread biscuits.
Good news!
This neckpiece from Mr Price. It's so pretty.
Well behaved hair, well, almost.
My dad, a Jack of all trades.
Being ahead of deadline.

Thanks to Smanga for these iphone snapshots.

Happy mid-week!


  1. I love that outfit so much! The colours look great together, you look effortlessly chic xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you doll! What a huge compliment!

  3. Stunning. Love ur awkward moments :)

  4. Very cute! Would love if you'd check out my blog & follow on bloglovin!


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