Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Pants & Top: Mr Price; Blazer & Sunglasses: Fashion Express; Shoes: ALDO
Bag: Forever New; Neckpiece: Lovisa; Watch: Michael Kors

My colleague, Lerato, suggested that I get this t-shirt because I'm always saying EISH. I need a replacement word.
Why do pants fit, almost too snug, in the morning and then feel like they're too big by midday?
These poses. They're just always going to be awkward.
Chicken Licken hot wings, 24/7.
My mom checking if I've fed Isaiah. Um, no mom, I'm just going to skip a meal today.
Just a casual chat. about breastfeeding. to. your. boss.

Chicken Licken hot wings, 24/7.
The print on these pants. All summer long.
Friends. I don't like to be alone (thank God for babies too!).
I really like that you can look where you want, behind dark shades :)
Red lipstick.

Thanks to Smanga for these pictures.

Have an awesome day! (I'm corny like that.)


  1. You look amazing in red! I could never pull off that print - wish I had the guts. Very nice look, hun.
    ~ Raylene

    1. Thank you Raylene, I bet you could pull it off!


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