Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favourite

I'd like to feature an awesome blogger girl today. To many of you, she needs no introduction. Siyaam blogs over at Simply Siyaam. She is based in Cape Town and we've never met, but I consider her a friend - and that's what I love about the blogosphere!

Q&A'ing it with Siyaam:

Why’d you start blogging?
I have always been interested in and passionate about fashion and had reached a stage in my life where I wanted to embark on something new. Career wise, I was where I wanted to be and my creative side was really calling on me to try something different and challenging in a sense.

What’s so fun about blogging?
Blogging is fun for me as it is the complete opposite of my professional working life as an Attorney. Work is serious, stressful and requires an objective perspective. Blogging about Style on the other hand is completely subjective and personal and allows one to express one’s creativity in a number of different ways.

How did you choose a career?
I based my choice of career on my strengths and weaknesses while at school. I was always terrible at Mathematics and the Sciences but very strong and competent in languages and history. In Grade 11 I applied to a job shadow program and worked at a law firm for about a week. I really enjoyed the researching and analytical aspects of the job which was what cemented my decision to study law.

What do you do when you’re not at work, and not blogging!?
I spend a lot of my time with my boyfriend and my family, we are all very close. I also have an online store which I run off my Blog and which keeps me quite busy. Recently I have started offering my services as a personal shopper or wardrobe consultant to my Blog readers. This second job takes place on my weekends since I am in the law office all week.

Why is fashion, or the way you present yourself, important? It’s often judged as frivolous. What do you say to that?
I’d have to say that the way you present yourself to the world is probably more important and has more of an impact than ‘fashion’ per se. Whether or not we believe it’s right, people do tend to judge one another based on appearances and since in most situations, we only get one shot to make a good impression, I believe in putting the best possible version of yourself forward. Taking pride in your appearance can illustrate to the world that you care about yourself which instills a sense of confidence in others that you can see to their needs as well.

Do you have a style icon?
Yes! I absolutely adore fashion blogger, Wendy Nguyen from Wendy’s Lookbook. Her style is always impeccable, ladylike and elegant.
Opinion on trends? How do you approach them? What are your favourite trends?
I love checking out new and upcoming trends but my approach to them is only to wear the ones that suit my figure and my lifestyle.

What do you love about South Africa, generally?
I love the natural beauty of our country and having travelled quite often, I can definitely say that South Africans are by far some of the friendliest people around .

And Cape Town?
The chilled city vibe suits my personality perfectly. We just seem to be on our time zone of our own here. I also love that everything in Cape Town is virtually within 20 minutes of each other and there is always a lot to do in the city.

What do you think is key for women to know or do, when getting where they want to be?
I think women need to really recognize that they don’t need to depend on anyone else but themselves to succeed. Of course it’s wonderful to have a supportive husband, family or friends but it’s absolutely essential to be able to stand on your own two foot. Independence gives you options. Options give you freedom. And freedom in life is Happiness.


Check out Siyaam's Blog, here.
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Dress & Blazer: Pure; Shoes: Fashion Express; Neckpiece: Mr Price; Bag: Gifted Prada; Sunglasses: ALDO

Why do I insist on squeezing my broad foot into a narrow shoe? Because you can't see pain, that's why.
Singing Happy Birthday. I guess it's better than being a recipient of the tune.
A slight burn on my blazer. Actually, it's devastating.
My relationship with toothpicks.
Being fabulous, in a dirty car.
Please call me's.

Good news. The life changing kind.
This weather! Yay! for bare arms.
Perspex chairs, which are now sold out at my favourite homeware store. Sigh.
Isaiah. He is such a great kid.
Traffic-free trips to work.
God's plan. Far greater than our own.

Thanks to Lwazi for these iphone snapshots.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thankful Tuesday

Dress: Amber Jones for Mr Price; Cardigan: YDE
Shoes, Clutch & Earrings: Mr Price
Neckpiece: Sass Diva; Sunglasses: ALDO

[Things I'm thankful for.]
Good health, for me and my family.
The ability to laugh.
Food to eat.
Blue skies.
Big dreams.
Inspiration - on the street, and on the net (thanks Pinterest).
My Husband, who works around the clock for our happiness. Love you babe!
Jesus. The original Superman.

Thanks to my friend and colleague, Lwazi, for these pictures. Check out his website here.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Six Months Old

Our boy turned 6 months old yesterday, so today's post is dedicated to him. In fact, because the time is flyyyying by, I'm going to dedicate every Monday to him. I'll call it Motherhood Monday. One day we'll look back and read these entries and wonder where the time has gone, and he'll cringe.

These pictures below I meant to post ages ago. He was only 2 months old here. My photographer friend and colleague, Lwazi, took these pictures. And they make me cry - happy tears because we're so blessed to have this boy.

At 6 months, he:

weighs almost 8kgs

wears 6-12 months clothes

has chubby cheeks
...and cellulite thighs

loves to eat
...butternut and sweat potato are his faves

is very talkative

loves to giggle
...especially at bath time

has the cutest dimples
...and stinky feet

loves TV

needs time to warm up to people

sits up on his own, but flops over occasionally

loves music
...and often sings along

enjoys a good tickle

loves to stare
...and chew on his toes

These pictures were taken yesterday.

Love you, Mama's boy!

Friday, August 23, 2013


Jeans: Piccadilly; Top: Topshop; Denim Vest: Mr Price; Shoes: Woolworths; Cap: Cotton On
Bag: Gifted Prada; Watch: Gifted Michael Kors; Earrings: Lovisa

I have never worn a baseball cap. Never. But when I saw this leather look one, in the sale pile at R10, I knew I'd give it a shot. It's a cheap thrill! Don't spend lots of money on trends, they come and go. Invest in versatile pieces that will be relevant for years. And that's all I have to say about that.

Thanks to Husband for these iphone snapshots.
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Statement Heels

Here's an outfit from Saturday. I haven't blogged this week, and when I wanted to today, I had some Internet issues so posting via mobile blogging. 

I adore these shoes from Aldo. They are insane and I want to pair them with everything! This time, wearing it with these jeans from Mr Price's Quirky Stylista range, and some peplum goodness - also from Mr Price. In fact, everything but the shoes is from Mr Price! 

Thanks to Husband for these iphone snapshots.

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