Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blue Thursday

Top & Skirt: Mr Price; Jersey: Piccadilly; Tights & Boots: Woolworths
Bag & Sunglasses: ALDO; Neckpieces: Sass Diva

I know it's Winter and cold, dull weather should be expected, but couldn't the sun give us a little wave here in Jo'burg? Firstly, I look ridiculous with these sunglasses since it's pretty obvious there's no sunshine. But of course I insisted on taking pictures with my all-time-favourite cateyes. And two, this is not really how I look today - because of the drab weather this outfit is hidden beneath a sack of a coat. I mean, before I took the coat off I actually meant to call this post Layered Lady - because, well, it's obvious why. All this moaning just to say I miss our Winter sunshine. In fact, couldn't it just be Summer already?!

I'm not a Winter person, can you tell? I hope I get points for wearing a skirt today.

Thanks to Smanga for these pictures.

I've linked up with Fashion & Faith again today! Check it out.


  1. I definitely had to figure out where you were when you referenced it being cold. LOL! You are wearing one of my favorite color combos. You look lovely!


  2. You look beautiful Nastassja :) Throughout Winter I keep fighting the urge to wear a tracksuit like outfit. At least you wear colour to bring some Summer into Winter.

    1. Thanks Faeeza. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this! :)


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