Thursday, June 27, 2013

Finish what you've started.

Jeans: Jay Jay's; Top: Mr Price; Blazer: Cotton On
Shoes: Rage; Bag: Free; Neckpiece: Foschini

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My granma passed away yesterday. She was sickly, and she was old, but it doesn't make it painless. This post is dedicated to Ouma, who was a real anchor in the family. I thought of the things I wish I had done or said, though there aren't many - she knew I loved her, she knew I appreciated how much she loved us, how she prayed for us. There is one thing I wish I had done while she was still alive though...

Not so long ago, she asked that we write a book together (she boasted that I'm a writer, like her) - it would be about the things God had done in her life, and that of her children - a testimony of grace. Now, I wish we had written it together, but I cannot ponder on what if's - whether I do this tomorrow, or one day, I'd like to write that book. I'd like to finish what we've started. For Ouma.

Thank you to Lerato for these pictures.

Thank you for coming by.


  1. beautiful post, condolences buddy to you and your fam during this time.

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you do get to finish that book, what a lovely tribute it would be.

    Away From Blue


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