Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Skirt: Jay Jay's; Top: Pure; Shoes: ALDO;
Neckpiece: Sass Diva; Earrings: Mr Price; Watch: Gifted Michael Kors

- The bump's shape these days. It has a life of its own - oh, but it does :)
- My fabulous colleague telling me that my face and neck is big. Like that of a taxi driver. Um, okay. Thanks.
- Random bruises on my legs. 
- And bruised ankles each night, really weird. 
- Heartburn. I have myself (and Hot Tamales) to blame.
- Sitting down.
- Getting up.
- Those bathroom breaks! Really hectic lately.
- Tired eyes.
- Still waiting for the cot. Would be really awkward if Isaiah decides to come early.
- Referring to my pregnancy, or bump, or... whatever - some people say "shame". Why shame?

- Knowing your 'good side'.
- Hot Tamales. Heartburn and all.
- Water.
- Maternity leave, which kicks off this week!
- That means baby is practically two weeks away.
- A fan.
- Chinese food. Assorted Chow Mein to be exact. 
- Naps.
- Little elbow pokes.
- Love letters from family and friends, to our boy. Makes my heart happy.
- So much closer to fitting into high-waist everything again!
- Oh, and those dresses I have yet to wear... soon.

Thanks to Lerato for these pictures.

Anything awkward happening in your life?


  1. Oh I love your list of awkward's! And I agree, its so annoying to get sympathy for your pregnancy, even on the worst day its still pretty amazing to grow a life! You look great! And here's to high-waisted everything! I have 10 weeks to go and I cant wait so I can't imagine how happy you must be with the end so near :)

    1. :) going to live in high-waist everything!

  2. Tash, pls tell me something.... Gaan jy ook met makeup en all geboorte gee? Want jy laaik mos snaps vat?

  3. 1. I want your shoes. 2. Your "awkward" lists always make me giggle and 3. The love letters sound like such a beautiful gesture. You carry 8+ months of baby soo well.

    1. Hi Nomali. Thank you so much! You make me smile :)


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