Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

- I've seen elephants' feet, twice. They were my own.
- The recent heat wave made sleep impossible. I was a zombie for a few days.
- Oh, but sleep in general.
- Last week an old man looked at my belly, laughed, and said "hey, you naughty girl!" Gee, thanks. 
- Oily skin + Pregnant Nose Day = not a good look.
- The waddle is trying to make it's appearance. but. I. refuse.
- Trying to stay awake mid-supper, every night. It's laughable.
- That bathroom run.
- Painting my toenails. Or, trying to.
- Every short dress is now a mini on me.

- Isaiah at a healthy 2.5 kg's.
- Just 5 weeks until I'm a Mama!
- Fruit, still. Especially litchis and peaches, still.
- New shoes. Of course.
- 2013 Weddings. I'm looking forward to that wedding feeling!
- Husband. He is all kinds of awesome :)
-  My darling new nephew, Luke. He is precious.
-  8 Months down the line, I only feel uncomfortably pregnant now. That's awesome, right?
- I'm going to get a mani & pedi. This is beyond awesome right now.

Dress: Xogo; Shoes & Jewelry: Mr Price; Bag: Gifted

Thanks to Lerato for these pictures. 

Here's to many more awesomes!


  1. thats A cute dress. love the shoes:)
    wat about following each other!


  2. Love your dress... Especially love how adorable your bump is! Isaiah is looking good! :)
    I feel you on the heat wave, Cape Town is unbearable! You're lucky you don't have the middle of the night bathroom breaks though... I get up twice to use the bathroom. Not cool!

    1. Oh I'm getting up - at LEAST twice each night :) Just one of the reasons sleep is impossible - those bathroom runs!


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