Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Dress: Pure; Shoes: Mr Price; Bag: Sandton City's Fashion Week 2012
Necklace: Woolworths; Sunglasses: China Town

- Me, and these sunglasses - when it's obvious that there's no sunshine. 
- By the way, I'm pretty embarrassed for people wearing sunglasses indoors. Take. it. off.
- Photo-overload. Sorry.
- So glad this bag's got my back - literally - 'cos the rear seems very, um, voluptuous today.
- Getting up from the couch, these days. But I've mastered the side-roll-and-up technique. I'm a talented girl.
- Sometimes I think Baby wants to get out, and it looks really weird from my point-of-view.
- Baby Daddy making a video of the attempted escape.
- ...and that video revealed what my bump looks like, from the navel down (awkward point a.). People, the dark line on my belly (awkward point b. - it's ridiculously dark) is not straight. I mean, above-navel line and below-navel line do not line up (that's point c.). This has got to be a problem.
- It's not that awkward, but I have a really bad hole in my tooth since a filling fell out. It's very awkward when you consider the fact that I made Husband touch it. I really have to sort it out.
- Standing up, I cannot see my toes.

- 10 Weeks til Baby. Really. This is awesome deluxe!
- The nightly fruit feast I indulge in.
- This dress. For one, it's pocketed!
- My underwear drawer. It looks amazing since a minor reshuffle. Well, I think it's awesome.
- Hotdogs, minus the heartburn.
- The stranger that gave me a sweet compliment when I wasn't feeling great. Thank you nice lady.
- Watching kids pray. It's a lot of fun!
- No stretch marks. Keep at it belly, you're doing good.
- I have a new appreciation for my body, by the way. How does it stretch like this?! And there's a person in here? Amazeballs (sorry, I actually say that a lot).
- Baby really breaks out the moves to Michael Buble and other jazzy tunes. I love a kid with good taste.
- I've figured out how to tie my shoes. This is a milestone.

Thanks to Lerato for these pictures.

Thank you for coming by. What's awesome on your end?


  1. Gorgeous... Do you sit on the floor to tie your shoes! That was how I!

  2. This is a lovely outfit post! Love the bag:)


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