Friday, November 23, 2012

TEES & DENIM (they go together)

Jeans, Bag & Necklace: Mr Price; T-shirt: Henry Holland for Mr Price
Shoes: Gifted; Sunglasses: Guard the Vintage

I got these jeans, the necklace and this fun Henry Holland t-shirt courtesy of Mr Price yesterday

When I first saw the jeans I didn't think they'd fit. I mean, they're skinnies - for normal, non-pregnant dolls - but they do fit (really, I'm not forcing things here). The low-rise means it accommodates my belly. The denim's soft too - which is great because, while I prefer skinny jeans, I hate how tough denim hurt my knees by mid-day! 

As for the t-shirt, I'd usually go smaller but I love the loose fit for the relaxed look. There are runway-inspired prints in the small range too. I'm going to get this one. Maybe the houndstooth too? These tees are perfect for casual Friday. 

Thanks to Smanga for these pictures.

Well done Mr Price, on another great collaboration. 

Thanks for always reading. Because you do, the blog has surpassed 60 000 views. Happy weekend!  


  1. What a gorgeous rocker mamma to be! :)

  2. Looking fab as usual. Heels definitely style up jeans and a tee, and you do it well. Also love those two tees you mentioned! Mr Price is hard to resist!


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