Friday, November 30, 2012


Pants & Mint Top: Pure; White t-shirt: Jay Jay's; Shoes: Mr Price
Beads: Petro Carls; Sunglasses: Woolworths

As with everyone I'm sure, the year has taken its toll on me. I'm ready for a break. Or, maybe I'm just eagerly anticipating the break that's coming my way. I can't wait for the downtime, just to enjoy the nothingness. 

Oh, but there's lots to do! I'll be getting things ready for Baby. You know... meticulous cleaning, re-arranging of furniture (don't worry that won't be me), maybe a fresh coat of paint on the walls (again, no thanks), and getting stuff for the little person. I love a good home re-do! 

Hopefully, we'll spot some stuff we like this weekend. We'll check out the Baby Expo, and rummage through antique furniture stores - maybe we'll find a nice cabinet there?! I'd love a pretty antique. Say a little prayer will ya?!

Thanks to Smanga for these pictures.

Happy Weekend! I hope you're doing something fun.


  1. Wow!! How gorgeous do you look doll! Enjoy the expo... It's loads of fun... Don't forget your belly belt! Exciting times!!

  2. Looking goooood and luuurrrrv the necklace :)


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