Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maxed Out

Dress: Fashion Express; Cropped Jacket: Mr Price; Shoes & Bag: ALDO;
Beads: Petro Carls; Sunglasses: Woolworths

Let's talk about underwear, shall we? When wearing dresses like this one, with a flimsy fabric (and a racer back, nogal), underwear is always a big issue for me. No VPL please, and no transparency! Along with the perfect fitted essentials, I rely on a slip. Body-shapers are ideal too, but I'm not trying to shape this bump (would love a maternity body-shaper though!) - just a slip will do for now.

That said, I love how airy this dress is! It's very hot in Jo'burg right now, so it's perfect. I could live in maxi dresses - and might just, these next few months :) 

Thanks to Lerato for these pictures.

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