Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Dress: Pure; Shoes: Cotton On; Bag: Sowearto; Necklace: Mr Price; Sunglasses: Woolworths

- There was this strange man in a restaurant, and he touched my bump, with both hands, in a tickling motion. It was awkward, and I felt violated.
- The sight of me, indulging in 7 (okay, probably more) pieces of cake. That sounds terrible. The pieces were small guys.
- Still having to talk myself through brushing my teeth every morning. No. No. No. That's the typical conversation when I suspect morning sickness wants to make a comeback.
- The urge to sleep halfway through every meal. Every meal. Ridiculous.
- Leg pains, so I stand on my tip toes the way I would in heels. Flats cause legs pains, I'm sure.
- My colleague laughing at me and my growing belly every morning. Okay.
- How I think getting up (which cause slight ab crunches) could hurt Baby. It can't, right?

- Those 7+ pieces of cake.
- The crumbed mushroom chicken was pretty good too.
- Crunchy. It's the only chocolate I'll accept these days.
- This bag. It's still my fave.
- Mr Price's selection of statement necklaces. Impossible to resist.
- This dress, which will be my best friend for the next few months. I knew you'd be good, old faithful.
- Home-made chicken salad.
- Husband. And all the other really disciplined people I know. I didn't get that trait.
- A friend. For saying my face is still in tact (when I fear my nose is threatening expansion).

Thanks for these pictures, Lerato.

Thanks for coming by! Have an awesome, um, afternoon.


  1. Some weirdo not only touched your belly, he tickled it? Euw! In other news, cake is awesome.

  2. You look amazing.. the tickling bump thing though, I would've given him a generous serving of SLAPS!! lol


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