Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Tunic: Mr Price; Tights: Pure; Shoes: Edgards; Bag: ALDO; Necklace: Sass Diva

- A hairy lip. Thanks hormones.
- A stranger yelling "hey! how are you?" And just as I'm about to eagerly respond, someone else does. Missed a major awkward bullet.
- Is there something in my nose? My daily paranoia. 
- Oh, and a morning nose bleed is pretty awkward too. 
- Really thinking old shorts would fit. And, it was pretty awkward having Husband watch me try. "I'm amused at how you think that's going to work". 
- Strange man in a mall, "may I say, you look amazing", "oh, thank you"... then he tries for a conversation "so, what do you do..." Me and my obvious baby bump wanted to get off that escalator NOW.
- The corny hand-on-bump picture. Sorry. 

- A full head of hair. Thanks hormones :)
- These nails aren't bad either.
- A chip/polony/cheese bunny chow. I can't blame the bump - the bunny and I have been best friends forever
- It doesn't hurt, though, to have an excuse to get all kinds of stuff to eat. 
- No crazy cravings. I'm waiting. When it arrives, let's hope it does not make the Awkward list.
- Dresses. I love you more than I ever have.
- No maternity clothes (yet?).
- Me. Dancing. Husband literally begged me to stop. Where's the love, right?
- Ordering this dress from Cleo Droomer's new range at Mr Price yesterday, and it just arrived. No, the dress doesn't fit. Why does that matter?
- Khaya winning SA Idols this week! Way up there on my Awesome list.
-Half way to baby this week!

Thanks to Lerato for these pictures.

Thank you for coming by. Here's to laughing at those Awkwards!


  1. Too cute, and I noticed that fuller hair as well :)

  2. Hey Hun...loving that lil baby bump...and your hair looks gorgeous too!

  3. You look so gorgeous with your baby bump! Pregnancy suits you... You're stunning!

    1. Thanks doll :) What I style challenge!

  4. So lovely!
    You look incredibly sexy :)

    1. Now that's something a woman with a bump likes to hear :) Thank you Siyaam!


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