Monday, September 3, 2012

Honour Your Body

Dress: Vintage via Lost & Found; Shoes: Mr Price; Bag: SAFW Pop Up Store; Earrings: YDE

Iv'e always believed in the concept of dressing to honour your body, but when I read this post - on Already Pretty - it was a good reminder that getting dressed everyday is not superficial business. Instead, we pay tribute to a body that has most likely gone through tough times; we express gratitude to a body that serves us well; we dress it up in a way that makes us feel proud; we lavish love on it! Even if the body you have is not the one you want, it's yours. Just this simple fact should inspire you to represent it the best way possible. As a little girl dresses up her dolls and shows them off, we should love our bodies just the same.  

See this dress when it was first on the blog, here.

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  1. Such a stylish and elegant outfit :)



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