Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Like a Boss

...if bosses don't smile, and act all uptight.

Pants: Pure; Top: Mr Price; Shoes: Rage; Bag: Gifted Louis Vuitton;
Collar: Sass Diva; Sunglasses: Woolworths; Earrings: Gifted 

I adore these pants I grabbed at the last Pure sale. They're so comfortable, so flattering and so luxe! They're like pyjama pants with drama, thanks to the print and waist knot. I thought I'd make a suit of it and pair it with a top of the same colour - turned out pretty well, I think. 

Thank you to Lerato for taking these pictures, despite being all clogged up with the flu. Get better soon!

Thank you for coming by. Keep checking in, as a Vintage surprise package Giveaway is coming up soon!
Have a lovely day.

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  1. Great look, especially the colour!


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