Monday, July 30, 2012


Twitter was abuzz with excitement last week, as Mr Price launched their online store, at their Durban Head Office. Me, sitting in my cold, totally-unrelated-to-fashion-office, I was so jealous. I'd have to wait days to get a taste of the online dream! But alas, today has arrived - the day Mr Price Online is live. As if I'd forgotten, I was reminded by a pretty package this morning. 

The box was packed with treats, yummy sweets included! 

There was even an awesome gift voucher, to try out the online store. Of course I obliged!

With nearly 18 000 pieces available, it was shopping heaven! Delivery could be door to door, via your local post office or at your nearest store - for just R35. I would save hours usually spent scouring stores! And in future (which might just be as soon as tomorrow), I could pay via EFT or debit card - no more black sheep syndrome because I'm without a credit card. Although, that could mean trouble...

I got a few great pieces, which I cannot wait to touch! Mr Price promises delivery within three days. My goodies will be here before the weekend? Never! Oh, I'll tell you when it happens :)

And if I'd like to exchange or return something - I could just go into a store and do so without hassle. No reason not to take the online plunge, then.

Thank you for the test surf Mr Price. You may have just exposed the online shopping beast in me!

Go check it out!

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