Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flower Power

Skirt: Pure; Shirt: Vintage via Old Street; Shoes: Foschini;
Bag: ALDO; Bangle: Sass Diva; Earrings: Mr Price; Sunglasses: YDE

Another Pure skirt - I love it; it has the right amount of everything. I love these shoes too. I went back for the black pair and it's completely sold out in my size, country wide. I had nightmares for days. Excuse the melodrama, but if you find a shoe that fits this good (and looks even better), you do want it in every colour. That's no exaggeration.

Sorry that you're seeing these sunglasses, and bag, again. When I'm stumbling out of the house in the morning the last thing I think about is changing things up a bit. I hope the other kids (um, bags) don't feel left out.

Thank you to Lerato for these pictures.

Have a great day!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks hun! And thank you for coming by :)

  2. I love, I love. Shoes killing me.

  3. You look soooo sophisticated! I absolutely adore the combination :) Another spot on look!
    Siyaam Xx

  4. Love love the shoes! Understand the meltdown when you didn't get the black pair.

  5. Love love love the skirt. and the shoes are beauties.
    the mix looks really beautiful!


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