Thursday, June 28, 2012

Work that Mini

Dress: Krush Culture; Coat: Identity; Shoes & Stockings: Woolworths;
Bag: Sowearto; Necklace: Aldo

So leaving home today, I thought this dress was much more conservative than it actually is. There is truth in pictures - this hemline is way too short for my own work-appropriate boundary! Nonetheless, I really like this look. I love the funky shoulder detail of this dress; it's warm too.

p.s. I could do this dress for work again, but it would need much thicker stockings. Alternatively, a longer coat will also do the trick.

Thank you to Lerato for these pictures.

Hope you're having a good week?!


  1. loovely. you look beautiful

  2. Very chic and def my style :) Love!


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