Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In the Park

Skirt: Jay Jay's; Top: Pure; Cardigan: Meltz; Belt: YDE; Boots: Foschini;
Tights: Mr Price; Bag: Sowearto; Watch: Gifted ICE; Pearl Earrings: Gifted

On the way back from a quick lunch run, we stopped at this park to take a few pictures. I figured since my new domain name (.com!), I need a new backdrop for pictures. It's still trees, I know. I'll have to find a fresh, accessible spot for future posts. Until then, do take note of the new domain name and follow me here instead. Blogspot has offered a good transition so you should be directed to the new page anyway.

And while we're discussing admin, I'll be away to a conference for the rest of the week so won't be blogging  until Monday. Chat to me on twitter though, okay? 

As always, thanks to Lerato for these pictures.

Hope you're having a good week?!


  1. Love those shoes and skirt!

  2. love everything in this post. the ensembe is just perfect.. lovely!!

  3. Very chic! You look great and not sure if you changed the Blog a bit? But it looks very nice too :) S

    1. Hay Siyaam, thank you - I did change the blog a bit, after the .com ;)


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