Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hat, Tunic, Tights, [Fly Holmes] Boots and Earrings: Mr Price;
Shirt: Foschini; Bag: Sowearto

So I came into the office today and discovered, I look like a Ranger. The green parka I was wearing made it worse and that's why I didn't take pictures with it, although... I've embraced my Ranger self. If I get to wear these boots, call me anything.

Hope you're having a lovely day?!


  1. I'm honestly so two minded about those wedges! I love them but I have this feeling that I'll only wear them once, maybe twice?!
    I have that hat and adore it!
    You look great, love the denim shirt underneath the tunic.

    1. Yeah, they're definitely not a staple piece! But I love how fun they are, I definitely have a few ways I'd like to wear them.
      Thanks for the comment doll!


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