Thursday, May 31, 2012

I need your advice.

Dress: Vintage from Old Street; Belt & Shoes: Mr Price;
Stockings: Woolworths; Bag: Sowearto

Old Street gifted me this dress a while ago and now that the weather's cooler, I could finally wear it. I'm not sure about the white collar - I think this dress may get out more if I removed it completely. I feel like its character will disappear, but it would also become a more versatile piece. What do you think? Should I have the white collar removed?

Thank you for coming by!


  1. I think it's the collar that makes this dress stand out. If you remove it, you remove the one thing that makes this dress special. I love it just the way it is.:)

  2. I agree with Vuntage Junkie. The collar is beautiful and makes the dress special. You look stunning in it btw :)

  3. I agree with both girls. Adds character :)

  4. As is my dear. You look beautiful and so is the dress :-)

  5. I love love love that white collar! It makes the dress unique. You look gorgeous in this outfit. Yay for Old Street.

    Embracing Style

  6. I think remove it. I know, it makes it unique but its just too stark.


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